Stitching Update

I continue to be pretty busy with my needlepoint projects.  I even went so far as to get one of my pieces framed professionally.  This was the Four Palestinian Motifs, which Kathleen liked so much that she insisted I get it properly framed.  We chose a thick black wooden frame to go with the black fabric used for the stitching.  It does make a difference when you get the framing done professionally, but it does cost an awful lot more than the materials used, so it is not something I can do that often.  Here it is in all its glory.

For my latest project I am working on another Bargello design.  The design comes from Bargello Magic by Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker.  They have called it Aubusson Symphony.  I must check up on what the name signifies, if anything.  In their version they use a wide range of threads, cotton, silk, wool, perle and metallic.  I do not have such a stash of threads, so I have changed the colour scheme and limited myself to cotton threads only.  It’s coming along quite nicely and below is how it looks with the inner frame and some of the outer lines completed.


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