Liam and Jamie at the Science Discovery Day

Last Saturday I accompanied Elena and the boys to a science discovery day at St Andrews University.  This was part of the Fife Science Festival and the event was advertised as an opportunity to discover exciting science and technology through demonstrations, interactive exhibits and activities for all the family!  There were certainly lots of stalls and activities on the go, but the organisation was poor, no information was provided and it was all held in rather cramped conditions in the corridors of the physics and astronomy building.  However the boys did enjoy some of the exhibits and activities.  Below is Jamie taking a breather from looking through a microscope.

Next is Liam experimenting with some magnets.  I tried some of them and very powerful they were too.

The following photo was from one of the more interesting and better explained exhibits.  Some kind of heat detecting device which can be used to detect suspected terrorists carrying weapons.  The image shows Liam and highlights where he had been splashed with water.  A bit too complicated for me!

The next two photos were pretty fun to watch, but there was no explanation of how it was done or what significance if any it had.  In each one the boys are inside a cylinder made of water, which the student had raised up with a circular hoop.  Looks good though.

There were lots of other exhibits and some looked quite interesting, but the explanations were often poor and there were no leaflets or information packs to take away.  It can be very difficult to organise these types of events, especially as the idea is to cater for all age groups.  But more could have been done.  If the idea was to inspire future generations of scientists, I’m not sure it succeeded.  Still the boys enjoyed it and afterwards we all retired to a lovely café, where at least one boy had a happy end to the day.


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