This has not been the best of starts to the year for me, as I am still carrying a head cold which has developed into a chest cough.  I am now on antibiotics which hopefully will clear things up soon.  Anyway to cheer myself up a bit, I have been rummaging through some of my photos in search of a bit of a pick me up.  And I found some lovely ones which all feature the colour white.  A bit of winter brightness and some summer sunshine to revive the spirits.  First up, a couple of snow scenes from the garden.


Next some more scenes from nature as it were.  A couple from the East Neuk in Fife, showing crashing waves and then the lovely white lighthouse at Elie.  Then two photos of one of my favourite birds, swans.



Some urban scenes to follow, starting with some beautiful white houses.  The first is now part of a museum in Alberobello in Puglia, and the second is a very modern house in Sitges, the wonderful coastal town in Catalunya where we used to live.  Then come a couple from shops.  The first shows a rather attractive mannequin standing outside a boutique in the Old Town of Stockholm, followed by two cuddly bears from another boutique, this time in Zürich.



Now for some of the family, starting with Kathleen on the balcony of our hotel in Nerja in Andalucía, during a holiday many years ago.  To follow I’ve sneaked in here a very old photo of my grandparents, David and Lily Rutherford.  The dress and hat could be in any colour, but it looks white to me and they make a smashing couple.  The photo probably dates from before the 1st World War.  To complete this little section we go from my grandparents to my grandsons, first Liam then Alessio.



I thought I would end the sequence with some summer brightness, so here are four photos of flowers.  First is an early bloom from a magnolia tree, followed by a couple of lovely roses.  Then a scene from early summer of last year which shows wild garlic in full scented bloom, and to end a close up of white agapanthus with a gorgeous butterfly hovering above.  Roll on summer.




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