A Winter Walk around St Andrews

Last week we had the pleasure of showing our new Bostonian friend, Liz, around St Andrews.  It was a very, very cold day, but at least it stayed dry.  Below are some photos from the day.  We started at the harbour, which is hardly used nowadays, but is still quite attractive in a quaint kind of way.  In addition to the usual harbour stuff we came across a little robin looking for shelter from the cold in lobster creels.  We then walked up to the grounds of the Cathedral ruins.  Very little is left of what was once the largest cathedral in Scotland, consecrated in the reign of Robert the Bruce.  What is left is pretty impressive though.

After the cathedral we visited St Salvator’s Chapel and wandered through the grounds of some of the old University buildings.  In the photos are three of the sculptures above the doors of the entrances to lecture theatres in University College, followed by some early season colour in the University grounds.  As St Andrews is the Home of Golf, we could fail to include a walk past the lovely R&A Clubhouse.  The cranes in the background behind the building are at the former Grand Hotel.   This lovely old building is in the process of being restored and renovated to become a luxury apartment block.  Part of this work includes the restoration of the large dome on top.  One was about to be lifted up as we passed by, so the series ends with this lovely reproduction in lead cladded timber, which weighs 3.5 tons.  The other photo shows the smaller of the domes already in place.


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