Cymbidium in Violet and Lavender

I have finally finished stitching this piece, which took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  The central four leaf flower was simple enough to stitch as this used a 4 over 2 vertical Bargello stitch.  The problem came with the central voids (in green) and most of all the background.  These were all done in tent stitch, which is very simple, but as each stitch only covers one mesh, it took a long, long time to complete.  I reckon at least two thirds of the time was spent on the background.

This design comes from Bargello Magic, by Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker, a treasure trove of designs.  In this case I changed the colour scheme to violets and lavenders with some golds and a chartreuse green for the centre voids.  I am still looking for a suitable mounting frame.  At present I have just used some grey coloured paper.  I would like something a bit more shiny I think.  Despite the extra time required I enjoyed this piece.


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