A Lavender Cube

I have now completed my second stitching project for the year – a lavender cube.  The design for this comes from the ever inventive Louison, who blogs under au pays des biscornus.  As the name suggests her blog is primarily about biscornus.  Biscornu is a wonderful French word which refers to anything which is irregular, crooked or oddly shaped.  They are very simple to stitch, though a bit finicky to sew and finish off.  Usually they end up as pin-cushions or fobs for scissors etc.  I love to stitch them and return to them regularly throughout the year.  The designs are meant to be stitched in cross stitch, but I am not particularly fond of cross stitch, so I use a very simple diagonal or half-cross stitch.  To maintain the symmetry of the original, I change the direction of the diagonal for each quarter.  Here is some examples of previous biscornus.

Usually Louison publishes two designs at a time, as two are needed for a basic biscornu.  Sometimes, however she publishes a series of six small designs and by using all six designs you have the basis for making a cube.  I usually fill mine with a hollow fill fibre and some lavender.  The house is full of both lavender cubes and biscornus.  If you want to try out some of Louison’s designs you can access her blog here.  There is also a link on the left hand sidebar under All about Stitching. Here is the latest lavender cube, which I stitched on an 18ct Aida fabric in Christmas red.  I used two strands of DMC cotton threads in six shades of blue.


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