The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – USA version

With the arrival of Hollywood’s take to our screens, we now have three versions to choose from – the original novel, the Swedish film and the Hollywood film.  I have read all the three novels and seen both films and the first thing to say is that all are very good.  I have reviewed all the novels here.  As regards the film versions, I enjoyed both.  I saw the Swedish film over a year ago, so it not very fresh in my memory, and thus difficult to compare with this new version.  My first thoughts are that both follow a very similar narrative.  The only major change I noted was towards the end and though significant in that it is not in the book, it does not materially affect the storyline.  The Hollywood version does not make much reference to Lisbeth’s backstory.  This becomes more and more important in the other two books, but I am surprised they left it out here.  There are a couple of minor aspects to this version I feel are different, but which may in fact have more to do with my memory than reality.  For example I felt that in this version, Lisbeth has a more intimate relationship with Michael, than in the book.  The other feeling I have is that this version deals with the unravelling of the killers in way that is easier to follow.  In the main the two films are very similar.  This new version is still well worth seeing, especially if you missed the Swedish film.  Even if you did see the Swedish film I would still recommend this one.  It is neither better nor worse, just a bit different.  A very good cast, including the minor characters.  Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are excellent as the two leads.  Craig is relatively restrained, while Mara beautifully conveys the vulnerability and the rage and violence that makes up Lisbeth.  Recommended.


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