2011 – A Year in Stitches

2011 was my third full year of stitching and I managed to complete 25 projects.  As was to be expected the majority, 16, were Bargello designs.  Another project was half in Bargello and half in tent stitch.  I have picked out five pieces that I have particularly enjoyed.

Free Form Pomegranate

Above is one of the few pieces I stitched with wool threads. It comprises a couple of pomegranates surrounded by free form bargello pattern.

Florentine Signets with insert

This one is one of the pieces which I framed myself, after attending a course on mounting and framing at DCA.  The main pattern is a version of Florentine Signets which I found in Bargello Magic, by Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker.  The cut out centre I filled with a section from one of Jamie’s paintings from school.

Full of Flavour

This next piece is my attempt at creating a stitched version of the Japanese calligraphy character Hou – Fragrance/Full of Flavour.  I attended a two day introductory course on Japanese calligraphy, again at the DCA and wanted to use this in my stitching work.  The designs on the left represent roses and plums.

Brigid's octomino

The idea for this piece came from Emma’s brother-in-law, Luca, who is a mathematics teacher.  Her introduced me to the world of fractals.  A special mystery of the mathematical world which generates some spectacular patterns.  This one is known as Brigid’s octomino.  It is a repeating tessellation with an octomino – made up of 8 squares – as the basic shape.  There are 64 octominos in the diesign and the overall shape is itself an octomino.

This last piece had another rather unusual inspiration.  While watching in TV a recording of Rossini’s opera Le Voyage à Reims, performed by the young singers of the Mariinsky company, I was most taken with one of the luxurious dresses worn by one of the singers.  The dress was all diagonals in two shades of violets.  I was so impressed with the pattern and the colours that I decided to make my own version for stitching.  And there it is.  Can’t wait to get started again this year.  Good stitching everyone.


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